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New Seasons, New Reasons

First of all welcome back to my blog. Where have I been? Every where. I been all over the place. I haven't made a post in a while, so let me start with updates. I officially graduates with my bachelors on May 13, 2023. A major accomplishment that I have been trying to complete for a long time. Seven years to be exact. I am so glad that it is over. The weeks leading up to graduation was not what I expected at all. My skin was in shambles, my hair had fallen out a little, I got little to no sleep pretty much the whole month leading up to graduation day. Honestly, the week of I got like 48 hours of sleep. I will never drink a Red Bull ever again because of graduation. There is something wrong with that stuff because why does it keep you up all day off a few sips?

Following graduation, I was awakened to a small house fire on my apartment. Not my fault, by the way. I was just happy to be alive because I was legit knocked the fuck out. If the dogs weren't barking, I would've pretty much slept through the whole thing. I got over it though and my landlord and I came to an agreement that works for us. I honestly thought he was gone be like pack it up and get the fuck out, but he was cool. Summer was pretty cool till I got sick. I ended up being sick for 3 weeks, and found out I had pneumonia of the left lung. I usually have a cold for a max of 4 days. Day 5 I'm usually up and out the house. This time around day 14 I still wasn't feeling good and ended up going to the emergency room. I'm glad I did. I was scared sick. Like i just knew something was wrong.

On a good note. I did get accepted into grad school. Now why would I go to school for seven years and enroll in a harder option of school? I don't know. Maybe I drank too much Hennessy. What I do know is, that I am excited. This journey doesn't even feel the same. Even though I don't have all the money to pay for the education at the moment, here we are and we are here to stay. I also have filtered out a lot of people I just don't want to be around. People are so super toxic to my environment. Whenever I find my life really hard, like harder than it should be, I just start reflecting on all the people I have around me. Then I just start cutting. I don't stop cutting until I feel like my life just gets better. My life is great, but I am still cutting. There are many reasons I cut people off, but my main one is somebody always fucking needs something from me. My phone rings all day long and somebody either need favor or a discount on they hair. Like I'm so tired of this shit. People spend money with everybody but the people they call friends. I do not even wanna service my friends anymore because they give me more drama than strangers. I'm over it. I have my own problems and my own shit I need I don't have time to cater to anyone else's right now.

I'm the kind of person who doesn't feel like I need to give anybody an explanation. At this point everybody who I'm not talking to anymore, knows why and what they did. I don't feel the need to pour anymore of my light energy into dark spaces. I think I started to feel physically sick because of the energy I was surrounding myself around. I am blessed and highly favored, and when I start forgetting to acknowledge and appreciate those blessings then the Lord HUMBLES me. Quickly I might add. I always say my ancestors don't play about me, but they don't play with me either. I get punished just as fast as I can get blessed. So in this new season, I just am shooting for success, and happiness. I started being onsistent with my content, I got my website updated and back up and running and I'm taking everything that is for me.

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