Do It In Style or Not At All

Updated: Feb 14

The past few weeks have been weird for me. I've been trying to enter the job market again and I am not really happy about it. I really need more money for fabric to advance my design skills. Fashion is expensive. I have been making a new wardrobe basically since the semester started I am trying to make a new piece for everyday I am going to be on campus. Along with the traditional college event as well, I have pretty much doubled my closet size since the first of the year. When I am designing I sometimes get lost in the time. I can start at 8PM and when I finally get back to reality, it is 3AM. Sometimes I forget how much clothes mean to me. Take the price point out of it, its nothing like having something one of a kind, that no one else has. Kind of like your person, but not a person. I love having and making clothes for myself but I want to do more.

I was watching And Just Like That, a Sex and the City revamp and spin off, and in the finale, Carrie is walking on the bridge she had her best moments with her late husband on and the entrance is captivating. She enters the bride in a Valentino look, straight from the runway and a the Eiffel Tower bag from Timmy Woods.

(Photo'd Above: Sarah Jessica Parker, Dress: Valentino)

(Photo'd Above: Sarah Jessica Parker, Eiffel Tower Bag by Timmy Woods)

In the bag, she has her late husbands ashes. It just goes to show how no matter what you do, you can always do it in style. I have passed the point to where I feel I am overdressed for an occasion. I mean, I won't show up to a house party in black tie, but I will always have an ensemble together. I am very comfortable all the time in my clothes, especially if it has been through my sewing machine. I like to go big or go home.There isn't a day I go out and I am not complemented on my clothing. Not to be big headed, I think I might be getting the hang of this fashion thing finally. I have what I like to call an all purpose closet, which covers most themes, and most occasions.

I have found that using my fashion as a medium opens up conversations with people I never thought I would talk to and I have met a few very business savvy people as well. I have been spending the year really perfecting my craft and learning as much about the business as possible. Fashion school turned out to be a bust, so I am just going to have to make-due with what I have right now... my talents and my Vogue subscriptions.

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