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Break Up or Break Down

The main problem with the new generation is that they don't know how to break up. The media has basically ruined the minds of young people and have glorified toxic relationships almost to a superficial point. Domestic abuse is considered love, friends who ain't shit are supposed to be forgiven just because y'all have been friends forever. If it doesn't fit the aesthetic, then the relationship is not goals. Going back to what .I said in previous blog posts, breaking up seems to be a hard thing to do. I'm not just talking about bae this time, I'm talking about friends too. Some people just don't know how to break up before it's too late. Guess what? It's never too late. 20 years, 5 minutes. Fuck em. When a relationship of any kind becomes draining, then it is time to let it go, that is if you see no turning point. Most of us know when the end of the line has come for some of our relationships, but for some reason we still choose to stick around anyway.

I see on Facebook all of the time how people say they will choose to go back to relationships purposely because they want to keep getting hurt and they can build up a point of hatred for that person and reach a point where they never want to be around them again, but to me that shit is stupid. Who wants to invite hate into their heart? Especially over somebody who clearly doesn't give a fuck about you. Relationships and friendships can be hard things to maintain, but it ain't supposed to be hard all the damn time. One thing I know about myself is I never liked to be mistreated. If I felt like a relationship with anybody is no longer healthy, I cut that shit off. I tell my friends all the time that I need to teach them how to break up with people, because I do. It gets to a point to where if you don't breakup, then you break down. Life already broke me down enough, so I at least like to have control over the people in my life. Don't ever let anyone make you think that you are wrong for cutting certain people from your life. Your life is your own and you have the right to pick and choose who you want in it.

Before you cut somebody off, understand that all relationships have a purpose. Not all of them are meant to be long lasting. Some relationships are to teach you lessons. Some friends are just your going out friends, and some friends you will love forever and want to spend all your free time with. Some people you date you shouldn't take serious off back. One thing I hate to hear is "I don't date to have sex, I date to marry." And yes I am saying this with my face twisted up and my making fun of people voice because what the hell. How are you going to willingly date someone to marry and they don't have any of the qualities you would want in a long term spouse? I mean come on we have got to be more honest with ourselves. Some people don't deserve to know you on that level. Yes, our bodies are our temples as well, but we are human. A little meaningless sex can be good for the soul. Y'all don't have to go out to dinner or date because yall had sex. Some people you are just supposed to go to dinner with, and some you just supposed to fuck. Why? That is all the purpose they serve. Every relationship has a purpose in our lives.When that relationship serves its purpose let that shit go. I know a few people who give anyone a chance that approaches them. Couldn't be me though.

I'm one of those people who don't feel the need to explain why I'm breaking up with you or cutting you off unless you have earned that courtesy. I will block you and change my number and never look back. I will act like I don't know you anymore even though we used to fuck 3 days a week and we just stopped yesterday. Why? It's simple. I don't like my time wasted. Once I feel as if the relationship is a waste of time it can go immediately. It is not a hard thing at all anymore, it actually comes very easy to me. I am different than most. I am very vocal and I talk to people when I feel that I am not being respected in the relationship. When I say relationships, I mean friendships as well. If we are always making plans and you cancel all the time, then personally I don't want to be your friend anymore. My time is valuable and very rarely do I have it to dedicate one on one time to spend with a friend. If you don't get me shit on my birthday, don't expect nothing on yours. Yes I know that we may not always be able to afford things, especially with a pandemic, but you knew my birthday was coming up just like I knew about yours.

The worst kind of people are the people who break up with their long time friends for anything, like a dispute over money, but won't break up with the person that gave them chlamydia four times. If you ever wonder why people did this its because they don't feel that the purpose their long time friend serves is more important that the four time burner. I'm for sure not one of those people who think you should but BFF before BAE, but if you can work it out with bae after you caught bae in Walmart with somebody else, then you can work it out with your friend who missed your birthday dinner or launch party. You have to hold all of your relationships to a high standard because you invest your time and energy into them. I want anything I invest a second of my time into, to be successful. But if it ain't, you gotta go.

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